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UTEP’s NSF I3 Grant

NSF’s Innovation through Institutional Integration (I3) program has partially funded UTEP’s initiative to build the cyber-infrastructure, communication, and connections needed to support interdisciplinary research. UTEP’s I3 initiative challenges faculty, administrators, and stakeholders to think strategically about the creative integration of NSF-funded awards. ORSP, in conjunction with the CyberShARE Center of Excellence, aims to foster interdisciplinary collaborations on campus that promote student success, integrate research and education, and result in effective education for a diverse student body.

I3 Program Goals:

  • Increase synergy and collaboration across NSF-funded projects and within/between institutions
  • Expand and deepen impact, and enhance sustainability of broadening participation efforts
  • Promote innovative programming, policies and practices to encourage integration of STEM research and education
  • Encourage research on intra- or inter-institutional integration & broader impacts
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